Manage Project Participants

To invite and manage project participants you open the project details screen for your selected project and click on Share Board. This will open the project participants screen.

You can add participants using their email address (the one they used to register their Dreamler account with). Multiple users can be added in one go by comma-separating the email addresses. Hit Invite once you are done.

All project participants can invite people. Since Dreamler is about collaboration and sharing we have chosen to have a more open policy towards inviting people into projects. This is still under review so please feel free to give feedback on this using the forum.

Invited users will show up as Pending, with a date showing when they were invited, until they accept the invitation. Once they accept they show up as Participating. If you are the project creator then names will show an X to the right (except for the project creator of course). To revoke access to the project, click the X.

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