System Requirements

Dreamler runs well on low-end hardware but does require a recent operating system and graphics hardware with updated graphics drivers. Machines and graphics cards from 2009 and later will work just fine.

Minimum required OS:
Windows Vista
OS X 10.9

OpenGL 3.0

If you have issues regarding your graphics card, most manufacturers have tools that helps you find the driver for your specific computer. In general we recommend that you use the drivers that is produced by your computer manufacturer, but sometimes those are outdated. In that case the graphics card hardware manufacturer have their reference drivers. Some common can be found here:





One of the unique features of Dreamler is the real-time multiplayer collaboration. This is achieved by using Secure Websockets. Firewalls and proxies should in general not tamper with this type of traffic and Dreamler should work out of the box. Dreamler also uses HTTPS to access various data.

For the technical department, we need to access 
tcp port 443 outbound.

If you are ready for Dreamler check out Download and Install Dreamler.

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