Using filters

Filters allows you to highlight content on the gameboard. You can filter on project participants and tags and do combinations of these by selecting multiple filter terms.

Filtering on tags:

Open the tag list by clicking on Tags in the lower right hand corner.

This opens the list of tags in the project. Click the tag you want to filter by. You can select multiple tags by holding down the Shift key and clicking. To deselect multiple selections, click Deselect All.

The filter result shows up directly as you click on tags. Note that filters are turned on until you deselect them.

Filtering on Participants:

You can filter on project participants in the same way as you filter on tags. Open the Participants filter tab and select the project participant(s) you want to filter by. You will also notice a small green or gray dot to the left of the name. This indicates if the person is logged into the gameboard or not. 

To deselect all currently active filters click Deselect All.

Combining filters:

Multiple filters act on gameboard content using a logical AND, that is; both filter terms have to be true for the element to be highlighted. To select multiple terms, hold down the Shift key and select the terms you want.

Note: There is know bug here. Selecting multiple tags actually uses and OR operator so you get the combined result rather than the difference. 

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