Working with Tags

Adding tags to building blocks (Activities, Milestones and Resources) helps organize project content. Tags are helpful when you want to filter the gameboard to highlight specific content. Read more about filters: How do I use filters?

Creating and editing tags:

Double-click on an activity, milestone or resource to bring up the detail view window. Click on the tag tab on the left.  If no tags have previously been added to the project you will see an empty list. Click + New Tag to open the tag editor.

Give the tag a name and select a color from the swatches (there is also the option to choose No Color) and then hit OK. Your new tag is now added to the project.

If you want to edit an existing tag, click the little color dot to the left of the tag name to open the tag editor.

Note: Tags can at present not be removed from a project once they have been created. This will change once we find a good way of managing removed tags in a history-based environment.

Adding tags to building blocks:

Once you have created at least one tag you can add or remove it to a building block by clicking the tag name. A check-mark indicates if the tag is selected for this particular building block or not.

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