Working with Groups

Groups in Dreamler work a bit like a serving tray with a label on it. You use it to visually organize your project to get a better overview and to describe parts/phases/intervals/etc.

Creating groups

To create a group, press and hold the right mouse button to bring up the modeling tool. Drag straight up over the group icon and release the mouse button. Once created you can name the group by double-clicking the group title bar to bring up the editing window. Alternatively you can press 6 on the keyboard to create a group.

If you create a group using the modeling tool from an existing building block then that block will automatically become part of the newly created group. 

Adding or removing building blocks from a group

To add building blocks to a group, hold Shift and left-click drag a building block into the group you want to add it to. Once you release mouse button the building block will be part of the group until it it explicitly removed. Notice how the shape of the group adapts in you move a building block around. To remove building block from a group you simply hold Shift and drag the block out of the group.

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