Create a Project

To create a new Dreamler project, go to the website, log in and go to the list of your projects. Create a new project by clicking on the New Project button at the top of your list.

 This will open the project details view where you can fill in your project title, description, image and add project participants.


Project name: Your new project needs a title. Something suitably descriptive and exciting.

Description (optional): You can add a short description to the project. The description will show up in your project list on the Dreamler web interface and in the Dreamler application.

Project image (optional): Add an image to give your project a character. Click the icon to add an image from disk. Once the image has been added a cropping window shows up to let you select a portion of the uploaded image. Tip: Don't try to upload your favorite giga-pixel image straight away, try resizing it to something more sensible, like 256x256, beforehand.

Share board: You can invite people to participate in the project. The invites to people will not be sent until you hit Create Project. Read more about sharing here: I want to invite a friend to participate in a project, how do I do that?

Create Project or Cancel: Once you are satisfied with the project details, hit Create Project to save and send any added invites or Cancel to dismiss the whole thing.

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