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  1. some control of font size.

    Apart from the groups, by the time I zoom in enough to read anything, the rest of the board is pretty much vanished.

    Could at least the first words be in font that suits the size of the activity symbol?

    in case it is system specific - am using OSX 10.9.5

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    planned  ·  Thomas Wingate responded

    Hi Paul!

    This is something that will be addressed in the upcoming release (end of January):
    - We’ve made a lot of improvement to the way fonts are rendered which will make smaller text legible on when zoomed out.
    - General size, scale and position of things will be improved which further improves legibility.

    We’ve also started to build adaptive zoom scaling into our camera, something that will allow users to adjust the scale of screen elements and zoom levels to fit their screen DPI (good for Retina Macs). This will probably be part of the March release.

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