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Sharing part of a project

It would be very useful to be able to share a group with users (when you don't want to share the whole project) or even better add a different project as a "group" to an existing project.

If you could create a "master" project and add other projects to the master projects as reference objects that would also help in management of complex projects where you want to be able to focus on different parts of a project.

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This does of course make a lot of sense and has been in the works for a long time. Probably the first thing we will do to test this is to allow project participants to share parts of, or a whole project as a passive (non-editable) web viewer through a URL. This would allow anyone involved in a project to see their particular part without having to register an account. Good for collaborating with external parties.

This does however imply building an UI to manage active shares and indicators in the Desktop UI that parts of a project has been shared.

Going a step further: It could make sense to allow certain users or groups editing access to only parts of a project through the desktop client. there is however a major risk that this turns into a cluster-fuck of access rights and top-down control and command mentality project management. Big handle-with-care on this from our end.

Regarding linking projects together into larger clusters: Also planned functionality. We think more in terms of collections or clusters on interlinked projects where you can zoom out from the individual project to see all the projects within a domain (organization, department, company, etc).

All in due time ;)


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  • AdminThomas Wingate (CTO & Founder, Dreamler) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Something to avoid though is to allow users to create nested structures (i.e. projects within projects) that are hidden from each other. Dreamler is all about communication and understanding on all the interconnected parts. If we allow people to create semi-isolated islands for their planning we very quickly fall into the trap where the local part of the plan appears like it works well because related dependencies and propagation is hidden, but in reality it becomes sub-optimal compared to the whole plan.

    In other words, it's easy to be the greatest soccer player in the world if you isolate yourself from the rest of the game. But it wouldn't exactly be great gameplay.

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