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integration of other tools like dropbox, google drive, slack

Would be great to use Dropbox or Google Drive integration to directly point to existing files. We also use slack conversations for each project. Would be really handy to integrate / link those conversation directly. Is anything like that planned?

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  • Julia commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    From my point of view now, I wouldn't mind to take care of managing the access rights from outside Dreamler, but I can imagine, that being used to working with an integration of Drive / Dropbox the next thing one would ask for is the access management from Dreamler directly ;-)

  • AdminThomas Wingate (CTO & Founder, Dreamler) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Julia!
    This does of course make a lot of sense,doesn't it ;) Integration with file/document stores like Dropbox and Drive and web apps like google Docs are things we have had on the road-map for a long time and it's def something we will be doing in the not so distant future.
    Our main focus up until now has been on fundamental functionality and we'll keep doing that a bit longer but will gradually start integrating more with other common tools. Slack integration is probably the first thing to do, after that general purpose export, open API for integration and then file/data store integration (Dropbox, etc.)

    A question: Do you think users would want to manage access rights to files stored on Drive/Dropbox from within Dreamler or would it be OK if this was taken care of outside of Dreamler?

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